Pre-requisite #1 for Mompreneurship: Kids

[tweetmeme]So what’s the difference between a mompreneur and your everyday, garden-variety entrepreneur? 

If wanting the flexibility to spend more time with your kids is not high on your wish list or not there at all, it’s a pretty safe bet you’re not a mompreneur.

Pre-requisite #1 for Mompreneurship: Kids

If you’re ahead of me then you’re saying, that sounds a whole lot like a stay-at-home mom, especially one who leaves corporate life to spend MUCH more time with her kids.

The difference is a good idea. And the willingness to act on it.

Lots of mompreneurs start as stay-at-home moms. I’ve met many who happily left their jobs or put their careers on hold to have kids. They’re savvy, intelligent women who saw a need and created a solution. And there are others who started their companies after their kids got older. Regardless of the age of their children, being a Mom is just as important to them as being a business owner.

My story is that I had an idea float around my head for a number of years and was eager to execute on it. At the same time, I had a growing desire to spend more time with my two small children. When I was laid off from my corporate job in late 2009, I knew the time was right to do both.

Coming next: back to that good idea and how to take that first step.